Sally Potter


Cleo: A Journal of Film and Television Interview

By Tim Hayes, December 3 2014

"Sally Potter arrived at filmmaking after a full decade spent working as a dancer, musician, and choreographer; a background that can be detected—hidden in plain sight—in almost all of her films."


Time Out Interview- Ginger and Rosa

by Cath Clarke, 2012

"Daring and provocative, British director Sally Potter has always been an outsider. She once made a film with an all-female crew (‘Gold Diggers’) and once told a story entirely in verse (‘Yes’). Her most successful was 1992’s ‘Orlando’, Tilda Swinton’s breakout film. But the 63-year-old filmmaker’s new film, ‘Ginger and Rosa’, might be her most accessible yet."


Sight and Sound Interview

By Sophie Mayer, November 2012

The year of the Cuban missile crisis and CND protests here in the UK, 1962 was a pivotal time for the young Sally Potter, then just entering her teens. Fifty years on, the writer-director has revisited the era and the passions of adolescent friendship in her new feature 'Ginger & Rosa'.


The Guardian Interview - Ginger and Rosa

By Catherine Shoard, 4th October 2012

Ginger & Rosa, which charts the friendship of two teenage girls in postwar London, draws on the film-maker's own memories of the Cuban missile crisis

Newsweek Article

By Caryn James, July 2010.

Some art-house directors make a splash and then sell out. Not this one.


Oh Comely Interview

By Rosanna Durham, June/July 2010

Naked Cinema: Sally Potter seeks a more intimate medium.


The Guardian: Sally Potter: "There was no such thing as an Easy Ride"

By Ryan Gilbey, 3rd December 2009

In the late 1980s, Sally Potter was scratching around for funding to make Orlando, the Virginia Woolf adaptation widely considered her finest film, as well as a formative moment in the career of its star, Tilda Swinton. Potter's friend, the visionary director Michael Powell, had secured her a 10-minute meeting with Martin Scorsese, in which she hoped to convince him to extend a helping hand to a fellow maverick.


The Independent

By Kaleem Aftab, September 2009

Sally Potter is waging war on cinema. her new film Rage, breaks just about every cinematic convention going with its stark style and relentless straight-to-camera, talking head performances.


Sight and Sound

November 1997

In 'The Tango Lesson', the director Sally Potter plays herself as a character, a film director who is trying to come up with a script for Hollywood backers... We watch Potter... as she learns the complexities of the tango...


La Voz Del Tango: The Tango Lesson Interview

By Maritza Bodine, September 1997

Sally, the character as a struggling tango student is so real, that it's easy for us to identify with it. Although we had never met Sally Potter, it was like meeting an old friend. She's a lovely lady, deep, sensitive and void of any affectation.


Los Angeles Arts and Entertainment Magazine: Sally Potter Kicks Up Her Heels

By Michele Warshay, 1997

Filmed almost entirely in black and white, Potter dazzles us with hauntingly beautiful images that sear across the screen and brand the audience's senses with desire and longing for love, music, and passion.


BOMB Magazine: Sally Potter

By Shari Frilot, 1993

In Sally Potter’s cinematic adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando , the writer and director offers a picturesque tour through time and sexuality.