Sally Potter Retrospective at MoMA

In 2012 the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York presented a retrospective of Sally’s film and video work, opening on July 7 with the US premiere of a digitally-remastered version of the Oscar-nominated ORLANDO, followed by Continue reading

Travel and Ash

Snow Hut

Stranded in Barcelona (after giving a master-class as part of the exemplary ‘Four Corners‘ scheme which has participants from East and West Europe) due to volcanic ash in the atmosphere – which somehow has a mythic quality to it – I find myself contemplating the future of travel; or at least mine. Continue reading

The True Face

John Leguizamo as Jed in 'Rage'

In NYC last September, early one jetlagged morning, I found myself musing over an extremely interesting conversation held a few days previously in London with Sandy Nairne, (director of the National Portrait Gallery). It concerned the nature of ‘truth’ in portraiture of actors. Is the ‘real’ portrait of the actor when he or she is caught unawares, perhaps even vulnerable, and therefore un-masked? Continue reading

Wild Night

It was a wild night on the Southbank in London. There was something in the air that felt, perhaps, close to the edginess of those participating in the first broadcast of live television, or one of the earliest projections of film with sound.

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The Box

We had the NYC premiere of RAGE at ‘The Box’, a downtown club and historic architectural gem that has something of the feel of a Wild West bar and brothel, with an upper gallery, dim lighting, private booths and a racy reputation.

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