This is an extract from a recent masterclass given by Sally Potter on NAKED CINEMA at the Bradford International Film Festival, 2014 where she was also awarded their annual Fellowship.

“NAKED CINEMA is ‎a really masterful depiction of the world of the actor and director, with terrific and fresh insights on every page. A must read for anyone and everyone involved in making cinema. ”

Nik Powell
Director, UK National Film and TV School


The Publicity Machine

Yesterday morning, a few hours before our dress rehearsal, I participated in ‘Midweek’, a live radio show famous for its remarkably varied participants. Libby Purves is the presenter/interviewer and she navigates a strange and contradictory terrain.

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Slow Slow, Quick Quick Slow

A rehearsal process such as this (4 weeks in the studio with the singers before attempting to stagger through the acts on stage in the Coliseum) demands incredibly detailed planning followed by very quick thinking when the plan doesn’t work as well in practice as it seemed to on paper or in the mind’s eye.

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Passion, Obsession, and Insomnia

Three weeks into rehearsal and I am now well into the pattern so familiar from film shoots. At the end of an impossibly long day, my mind is churning to try and digest and evaluate what has happened and simultaneously think and plan ahead for the following day (and weeks).

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