This is an extract from a recent masterclass given by Sally Potter on NAKED CINEMA at the Bradford International Film Festival, 2014 where she was also awarded their annual Fellowship.

“NAKED CINEMA is ‎a really masterful depiction of the world of the actor and director, with terrific and fresh insights on every page. A must read for anyone and everyone involved in making cinema. ”

Nik Powell
Director, UK National Film and TV School


Vertigo, Alas!

Vertigo Magazine

Last night I went to the closing party for Vertigo, the outstanding film magazine which has held a unique place in film writing over the last 16 years. I found myself heartbroken that the magazine should cease…come to an end…no longer be…all the ways of describing its closure felt like euphemisms for the demise of a beloved friend. Continue reading

Ah, Music!

Last week Fred Frith and I did a masterclass on film and music at Goldsmiths College, linked to my retrospective at the BFI. After some deliberation I decided to use PLAY – a short film I had made when I was about nineteen – whose enforced silence (having long since lost the original live sound-recording in an endless sequence of house moves) seemed to invite the possibility of a new score. Continue reading

From Zero

There is no zero point in writing a script, of course. Just the illusion of nothingness before the something appears. But confronting emptiness, a kind of void-state, whilst sometimes terrifying (will anything ever happen?) is also exhilarating.

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Temporary Roots

This summer I put down some temporary roots. These roots started as packets of seeds, mostly vegetables. I have learnt how much work goes into producing food and, at the same time, have experienced a sense of wonder at the interaction of earth, air and water (and seed) which produces such miracles as peas, carrots, beetroots, and coriander.

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