Sally Potter



Sally Potter

Sally Potter

Christopher Sheppard & Andrew Fierberg

Joan Allen
Sam Neill
Shirley Henderson
Simon Abkarian




YES is the story of a passionate love affair between an American woman (Joan Allen) and a Middle-Eastern man (Simon Abkarian) in which they confront some of the greatest conflicts of our generation - religious, political and sexual. Sam Neil plays the betrayed and betraying politician husband, Sheila Hancock the beloved aunt and Shirley Henderson the philosophical cleaner who witnesses the trail of dirt and heartbreak the lovers leave behind them, as they embark, on a journey that takes them from London and Belfast to Beirut and Havana.


"YES is alive and daring, not a rehearsal of safe material and styles. Sally Potter could easily have made a well-mannered love story with passion and pain at appropriate intervals, or perhaps, for Potter, that would not have been so easy, since all of her films strain impatiently at the barriers of convention." Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, 07.07.05

"Allen is splendid throughout and through her Potter has achieved a work that sings to us, sensually, angrily, and beautifully." - David Butterworth, IMDB, 2005

"For those who accept Potters premise - and why not embark on a challenging, enriching experience - this is a unique, bold adventure of the soul." - Desson Thomson, The Washington Post, 29.07.05

"Beautiful, sensual and sexy"
Cosmo Landesman, "Sunday Times"

“That it exists is a cause for celebration”- Jonathan Romney, The Independent on Sunday, 8 January 2006.

“The most remarkable-and most moving- aspect of the film is its overall tone of affirmation at a time of doubt and distrust, fear and hatred”- Geoff Andrew, Time Out, August 3-10 2005

"Thank you so much for bringing YES to Harvard. The film is staggeringly brilliant, and I want desperately to see it again. It's the most provocative post-9/11 cinematic response to the vilification of the Middle East and the Arab world I've seen. It is a deeply, and infectiously, optimistic work."
Professor Lucien Taylor, Film Study Center, Harvard University

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