Sally Potter

The Party

The Party

Sally Potter

Sally Potter

Christopher Sheppard, Kurban Kassam

Executive Producer:
Robert Halmi Jr, Jim Reeve, John Giwa-Amu

71 minutes

Patricia Clarkson
Bruno Ganz
Cherry Jones
Emily Mortimer
Cillian Murphy
Kristin Scott Thomas
Timothy Spall



Featuring a stunning cast, The Party is a witty, sharp and very funny new comedy from acclaimed British filmmaker Sally Potter.



"A film that shimmers with observational cunning [...] and casts a measured, winking, eye over the politics of people, no matter what the party." - Doosie Morris, The Monthly, 04.04.2018

"Pitch-black, hilarious and satirical comedy with a fantastic cast" - Harris Dang, The Iris, 05.04.2018

"Waspish, merciless and laced with absurdity." - Stephanie Bunbury, The Age, 06.04.2018


“A deliciously heightened, caviar-black comedy that sets up its brittle, bourgeois characters like bowling pins and gleefully knocks them down in 71 minutes flat.” - Guy Lodge, Variety, 13.02.17

“The film’s intelligence, entertainment factor, and fine performances from a prestige cast will win The Party ample hospitality.” - Jonathan Romney, Screen International, 13.03.17

“Full of cheeky narrative twists and delightful surface details. Alexey Rodionov’s sumptuous black-and-white photography reinforces the sense of classic ingredients repackaged in a contemporary context. Likewise the sublime musical backdrop of antique jazz, blues and reggae from the likes of Bo Diddley, John Coltrane and Albert Ayler.” - Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter, 13.02.17

“Observant and smart…. It plays out in real time with elegance and dispatch, cantering up to a cheeky punchline twist which leaves you laughing over the final credits.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 13.02.17

“What matters is whether the film’s critical portrait of a certain sector of modern British society succeeds dramatically and comedically; and with a deftly constructed, fast-moving real-time storyline, credibly vivid characters and deliciously barbed exchanges coming thick and fast, it unquestionably does.” – Geoff Andrew, Sight & Sound, 14.02.17

“Potter’s wicked drawing-room farce had the audience howling with laughter, and who knew that she could be a writer of Wildean quips, pricking the pomposity and insincerity of every member of the ensemble cast?” – Kate Muir, The Times, 15.02.17


"Biting, essential, hilarious" - Il Messagero, Italy

"Irresistible" - La Repubblica, Italy

"Joyous, fun and immensely intelligent. You couldn’t ask for more” - Fotogramas, Spain

“Magnificent work with a precise screenplay, shining dialogues and characters with unusual depth” - La Luna de Metrópoli , Spain

"Sally Potter's new movie "The Party" is a wonderful blend of ancient drama and farce, where the star ensemble sparkles" - Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

”Already one of 2018’s best have to see it" - TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Sweden

”The Party is fun, absurd and spot on...a masterpiece" - Kulturbloggen, Sweden

”Brilliant dialogue and a bunch of super professionals who seem to love every minute" - Aftonbladet, Sweden

"One of the best comedies this summer" - Berliner Morgenpost

"A very special movie...her shortest but at the same time her best work" - Berliner Zeitung

"Intelligent humour and complex relationships unite beautifully in this screwball comedy" - Stuttgarter Zeitung

"The best ensemble comedy of the year" - German Vogue

"An immense pleasure" - Sonntag's Zeitung

"A cinematic jewel" - Swiss National TV and Radio Online

"Seven expert actors deliver their best in this great cineast’s stroke of genius" - Luzerner Zeitung