Sally Potter

Look at Me

Look at Me
16 minutes

Javier Bardem
Chris Rock
Savion Glover




Rehearsals for a fundraising gala become the arena for a struggle between two men; one, the gala director and the other, a richly talented but unstable rock drummer. As their battle for expression and control escalates against a relentless rhythmic backdrop, their public and private selves explosively collide.


“Sally Potter masterfully blends the elements of rhythm and brilliant acting from Rock and Bardem to complement the heartbreaking story of addiction.”


“A passionate Trump-era time capsule featuring two mesmerizing performances from its leads”
“In his role as the gala director, Rock reminds us that he’s capable of a layered, nuanced performance given the right material”

Marya E. Gates, THE PLAYLIST

"For Potter, this sweaty, moody tale is yet another triumphant exploration of the human psyche; that she manages it in such a short time frame is all the more remarkable.”

James Mottram, AESTHETICA

“A boundary between helping a loved one and walking away from them is being played with in Sally Potter’s thought-provoking and sly short film, Look At Me. It explores masculinity and anger as we witness creative differences spiral into something more personal. Anchored by a pair of dueling and dancing performances from Javier Bardem and Chris Rock, Look At Me makes us wonder what all men are hiding behind the outbursts and swagger.”

Joey Moser, Awards Daily

"‘Look At Me’ is a reminder of Sally Potter’s immense talents, which have long been undervalued in Hollywood, and her wonderful storytelling ability, whilst giving Javier Bardem and Chris Rock the chance to shine once again."

Joe Beck, UK Film Review

"Sally Potter’s LOOK AT ME shares an enriching tale full of anger and fury that is always bubbling close to the surface."
"Robbie Ryan’s cinematography is raw and powerful, delicate and expressive; the rich hue of colours blends well with the script."

Jamie Richardson