Sally Potter

Sally Potter and Javier Bardem video Q&A

Shorts Exclusive: Sally Potter Talks to Javier Bardem About Their Collaboration on ‘Look At Me’

Why is it so hard for men to talk about their feelings? In Sally Potter’s hypnotic short film, Look At Me, two men (played by Javier Bardem and Chris Rock) face off in a surprisingly emotional showdown to see who will break first. It has qualified for the Live Action Short Film Oscar.

In an Awards Daily exclusive, Potter sits down with Bardem to talk about their second collaboration (they worked together for The Roads Not Taken), and it’s a warm feeling when they see each other on the opposite sides of the Zoom screen. They talk about power struggles and how Chris Rock really gave himself over to the safety of the material, Potter comments on going back to short form filmmaking. It is an invigorating conversation between two dedicated artists.

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