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  • Using SP-ARK to aid essay writing

    I’m a second year film student at QMUL and as part of a module I take called ‘Film, Literature and Adaptation’ we are studying Sally Potter’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. The focus of study was on the way Potter as a filmmaker approached the task of transferring Woolf’s literary text to the screen, and what it could be argued was lost or gained in this transfer. We were asked to think about the intertextual nature of the film, and to construct a pathway on SP-ARK that reflects that idea.

    Posted 23rd Apr in SP-ARK Blog

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  • An introduction to SP-ARK from Sophie Mayer

    Here at Adventure Pictures there have been a lot of new beginnings – a new website, a new film (underway) and a new and improved SP-ARK. As we focus on the future developments of SP-ARK it is important to look back at where it began. I have copied below a blog post the talented writer, poet and all round person extraordinaire Sophie Mayer wrote in her role as Education Consultant on SP-ARK starting back in 2006...

    Posted 2nd Apr in SP-ARK Blog

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  • (Welcome) Back to the Future

    Work on SP-ARK, the Sally Potter online archive, is now underway, with material and virtual archives starting to happen simultaneously, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London.

    Posted 28th Nov in SP-ARK Blog

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  • Goldsmiths Workshop Video

    “The SP-ARK vision of Social Learning gives us a glimmer of the future today. Instead of locking archive materials away and restricting availability, it promises ready access to anybody anywhere with a computer and the internet...

    Posted 21st Aug in SP-ARK Blog

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  • Open Knowledge Conference

    Andrea Rota from Liquid Culture kindly invited Alex Johnson (New Media Director), Christopher Sheppard (Executive Director) and George South (Consultant) to present SP-ARK at the Open Space session, part of Open Knowledge 1.0 at Limehouse town hall this Saturday...

    Posted 21st Aug in SP-ARK Blog

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  • Goldsmiths College Workshop

    Yesterday the SP-ARK team ran a usability workshop in conjunction with The Screen School at Goldsmiths College, University of London (Visit). Using 6 different versions of the first page of Sally Potter’s ‘Orlando’ script from various stages of her adaptation process, we trialed an offline, paper version of our pathway concept...

    Posted 20th Aug in SP-ARK Blog

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  • SCMS

    The Society for Cinema and Media Studies is the largest professional organisation for film educators, filmmakers, archivists, historians, journalists and media professionals. 2007’s conference was held in Chicago, where I presented SP-ARK...

    Posted 19th Jul in SP-ARK Blog

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