Sally Potter


  • The Roads Not Taken thumbnail

    The Roads Not Taken

    The Roads Not Taken follows 24 turbulent hours in the life of father and daughter Leo (Javier Bardem) and Molly (Elle Fa...

  • The Party thumbnail

    The Party

    Various individuals think they’re coming together for a party in a private home, but a series of revelations results i...

  • Ginger & Rosa thumbnail

    Ginger & Rosa

    London, 1962. Two teenage girls - Ginger and Rosa - are inseparable; they play truant together, discuss religion, politi...

  • RAGE thumbnail


    [removed][removed] Michelangelo, an unseen schoolboy armed only with a mobile phone, goes behind the scenes at a New Yor...

  • Yes thumbnail


    YES is the story of a passionate love affair between an American woman (Joan Allen) and a Middle-Eastern man (Simon Abka...

  • The Man Who Cried thumbnail

    The Man Who Cried

    Fegele (Christina Ricci), a Russian Jewish refugee working in a variety troupe in Paris just before the Second World War...

  • The Tango Lesson thumbnail

    The Tango Lesson

    THE TANGO LESSON is about a female filmmaker who discovers and falls in-love with the tango. In between bouts of writing...

  • Orlando thumbnail


    ORLANDO is a story of the quest for love, and it is also an ironic dance through English history. Addressing contemporar...

  • The Gold Diggers thumbnail

    The Gold Diggers

    The ground-breaking first feature from the director of ORLANDO and THE TANGO LESSON, THE GOLD DIGGERS is a key film of e...

Short Films

  • Look at Me thumbnail

    Look at Me

    Rehearsals for a fundraising gala become the arena for a struggle between two men; one, the gala director and the other,...

  • London Story thumbnail

    London Story

    Spy spoof revolving around the unlikely alliance of three eccentric characters and their mission to uncover government f...

  • Thriller thumbnail


    Since its release in 1980, Sally Potter's rewriting of Puccini's opera, La Boheme, has become a classic in feminist film...

Early Works

  • Combines thumbnail


    One of the earliest events to combine dance on film projected in juxtaposition with live performances by the same dancer...

  • Hors d’oeuvres thumbnail

    Hors d’oeuvres

    8mm footage of dancers each performing a single movement was projected onto a ground glass screen and refilmed on 16mm t...

  • PLAY thumbnail


    Double screen film of six children playing on the street below (three sets of twins). Filmed through two adjacent camera...

  • Jerk thumbnail


    Film shot one frame at a time, of three faces, including a brother and sister, which merge to become one, followed by a ...